Facial & Body Treatments

Wave SPA also gives advanced aesthetic treatments with the latest techniques.
Facial Treatments
GREEN SCIENCE: It gives you a tonic appeal with no wrinkles. Duration 75 min.
PERFECTIONING PLANT PEEL: Instant peeling gives an extraordinary light without irritating the skin. Duration 30 min.
ELEMENTAL NATURE SKIN CARE: Personalised treatment that balances your complexion. Duration 60 min.
Body Treatments
ELEMENTAL NATURE BODY SPA: Personalised peeling. Duration 60 min.
ELEMENTAL NATURE MASSAGE: Personalised massage based on ayurvedic phylosophy and aromatherapy. Duration 60 min.
CARIBBEAN THERAPY: Treatment with vegetable ingredients from the Caribbean that soothe, nourish and purify the body skin. Duration 60 min.
DETOX TREATMENT: Treatment eliminating toxins, depurative that favours drainage with slimming effects. Duration 60 min.
BODY DEFINER: Massage that acts on posture and redesignes the body mitigating tensions. Duration 60 min.
CHAKRA BALANCINE MASSAGE: It relaxes the body and loosens the muscular tensions, frees the mind and balances Chakras. Duration 60 min.
FUSION STONE MASSAGE: Treatment that blends stone massage with the traditional. Duration 60 min.
STRESS FIX: Anti-stress treatment that improves physical, emotional and spiritual health. Duration 60 min.