Fabio & Rosaria

Rosaria, passionate and overwhelming,  Fabio, beauty-loving and demanding, combined by innate creativity and  true love for the art they cultivate since ever and led them to meet melting their peculiarities to become Wave’s heart and head.
Rosaria has followed her mother at the hairdresser since she was a child and was fascinated by the craftsmanship by which a cut of the hair could enhance personalities.
She is always ready to test on herself new looks and styles; she wants to surprise her clients with the new suitable trends able to grant someone’s dream.
Fabio has begun working as a salon boy since he was 12, where his mother had hair done. Conquered by feminine beauty he decided his future is in hairstyle fascinating world, thanks to which he met  important people who made him grow as a man and a pro.

Rosaria & Fabio hold periodically updating workshops and training for hairstylists wishing to master latest working techniques and look tendencies.